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Do legal notices need to be printed in newspapers?

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I have run a local website that has been covering local news and meetings in Scarsdale since 2009.

We have been trying to become the official publication for the posting of legal notices for the Village of Scarsdale.
However, we believe the current law requires that these notices be shown in a paper publication.
With the disappearance of many print publications this requirement no longer makes sense.

Can you clarify? Is this true? And are you aware of any proposed legislation to challenge this provision?

Please let me know the status of this regulation.


The current law in NY is that legal notices must be printed in a newspaper.

Below is a link to a resource which will give you more information. Several years ago a bill was introduced in the state legislature to eliminate the paper requirement and just do online. As legal notices are an important revenue source, newspapers oppose the legislation and it has not passed.