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Here are some useful links and resources on
Open Meeting Laws (OML) and Freedom of Information Laws (FOIL)

The New York State Committee On Open Government

Search the law, training sessions, advisory opinions, etc.

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Text

Committee on Open Government (COOG)

Advisory Opinions on Open Meeting Laws (OML)

Committee on Open Government (COOG)

Advisory Opinions on Freedom of Information Laws  (FOIL)

Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press

Review the open government guide, anti SLAPP legal guide, reporter’s recording guide, and much more.


Awesome website where you can view thousands of FOIL requests and training resources.

Freedom of the Press Foundation

Guides and training resources

Brechner Center for Freedom of Information

Guides and training resources

Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

Connect CNY interview with COOG, Reinvent Albany, and Roy Gutterman

Episode | 56m 46s | 2022/08/12 | NR
Government Transparency

After taking office following the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Kathy Hochul pledged greater transparency and accountability in her administration. After a year on the job, has she delivered on this promise? We’ll try to answer that question, and examine changes to the state’s open meetings law and the disclosure of police disciplinary records.