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Can I Record A Town Council Meeting?

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I am a council member of the Town of (withheld). At a budget hearing last night, the town supervisor very aggressively attempted to prevent me from recording the hearing, saying such recording was illegal.

I have attached the exchange between myself and the supervisor. I have contacted the Committee on Open Government for guidance, but I thought I might reach out to you for advice.

I would be grateful for any help you might give me.


Section 103(d)(1) of the Public Officers Law, commonly referred to as the Open Meetings Law allows for anyone to record a public meeting. The public’s right to record meetings has been part of the Open Meetings Law since 2011.

(d) 1. Any meeting of a public body that is open to the public shall be open to being photographed, broadcast, webcast, or otherwise recorded and/or transmitted by audio or video means.

The town supervisor is incorrect in his position. You or anyone else has the right to record a public meeting.
Linked below is an opinion from the NY Committee on Open Government, which may be helpful as well.