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New York Coalition for Open Government
Nonpartisan Policy

The New York Coalition For Open Government (“Coalition”), as a 501(c)(3) corporation is required by law to remain nonpartisan in its activities. The Coalition encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The Coalition may take action on governmental measures and issues in the public interest.

However, it shall not support or oppose any political party or any candidate. No candidate’s literature may be distributed during Coalition sponsored programs.

a. Members

Coalition members can be involved in partisan activities during their personal time. When conducting Coalition business or attending functions representing the Coalition, members should not be wearing t-shirts or buttons supporting or opposing particular candidates or parties, nor should they have posters, articles or other materials that can be perceived as supporting or opposing particular candidates or parties.

When acting in public as Coalition representatives, members must exercise discretion regarding the amount of activity and visibility when participating in a partisan manner in local elections and politics, keeping in mind the potential impact of any such activity on the Coalition.

Members should make it clear that they are acting in their individual capacity, not on behalf of the Coalition, when they engage in partisan political activity and that any reference of the Coalition is made for identification purposes only.

B. Board of Directors

Board members recognize that, as a result of their close identification with the Coalition, they have a special responsibility to see that their activities do not create a partisan impression or compromise the nonpartisan policy of the Coalition. Therefore, the Coalition adheres to the following restrictions in order to preserve the nonpartisan nature of the organization.

Coalition Board of Directors members may individually attend fundraising events for candidates or political parties, make contributions to candidates or political parties, attend meet the candidate events, and sign petitions for a candidate. Board members may run for public office, serve on public bodies, boards, commissions, committees or coalitions. However, their participation does not signify support by the Coalition unless the member is officially designated as a Coalition representative.

A board member shall bring the question of any prospective activity, which may have potential conflict to the Coalition board for consultation.

C. Additional Provision

The membership list of the Coalition may not be used for any non-Coalition purposes.