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FOIL lawsuit against NYS Health Department

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Reclaim The Records vs. New York State Department of Health - Reclaim The Records
In the summer of 2018, Reclaim The Records launched a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the New York State Department of Health to find out why they treated our Freedom of Information request ...
Interesting lawsuit by Reclaim the Records against the NY State Health Dept.
It took Reclaim 17 months and many hoops to get the records requested. Another company using the exact same request a year later obtained the records first in 3 months time.

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Paul is the founder of the NY Coalition For Open Government and has truly loved seeing it become what it is today and is excited about its future growth.

As an attorney for 32 years, he is a partner in the law firm of Berzer & Wolf. Prior to his private law practice, Paul served in several government positions with the Buffalo Common Council, Buffalo Housing Authority, and Erie County.

When he is not practicing law and doing open government stuff, Paul enjoys spending time with his spouse, Cheryl, and his three children, Michael, Joseph, and Julia. Paul resides in Amherst, NY, a suburb of Buffalo.

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