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Can our town supervisor chair a meeting remotely?

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Can our town supervisor chair meetings remotely? QUESTION In October our town supervisor  was connected in via a laptop and chaired a meeting. No one in the public could do that, they could just view it on Facebook. This month, he was not present. He may have been viewing, but did not participate. There was discussion […]

Can I record my town council meeting?

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Can I record a Town Council Meeting? QUESTION I am a council member of the Town of (withheld). At a budget hearing last night, the town supervisor very aggressively attempted to prevent me from recording the hearing, saying such recording was illegal. I have attached the exchange between myself and the supervisor. I have contacted […]

Can I Get My FOIL Request Certified?​

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Can I get my FOIL request certified? QUESTION I received a FOIL request back with an answer I know is false.  Then with in the ten day limit, I requested the department head and the Town Attorney certified those answers so I know they are correct.  The Town Attorney stated she will not allow for […]