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  1. Incumbent Mayors Should Participate In Debates

  2. Villages 2021

  3. Executive Sessions School Boards

  4. Berne Report

  5. Mount Vernon Violates Open Meetings Law

  6. SUNY Board of Trustees Violate Open Meetings Law

  7. Local Governments Struggle With Meeting Minutes

  8. Local Governments Mute the Public

  9. Lockport School Board Letter

  10. FOIL 2019 Report

  11. Ethics Boards

  12. Financial Disclosure Report w/Exhibit A Disclosure Report

  13. Local Gov't Website Updated Report Card

  14. Local Gov't Authority Website Report Card

  15. Executive Session - Appendix A

  16. Behind Closed Doors Executive Sessions & The Public's Right to Know

  17. Freedom of Information Law Report

  18. Local Gov't Website Report Card





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