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  1. Coalition Legislative Priorities(10/20/2022)

  2. Counties Across NY State Are Violating The Law(8/9/2022)

  3. Coalition President Paul Wolf Radio Interview(7/28/2022)

  4. NYC Agencies Not Filing Required Documents(7/2/2022)

  5. No Penalties For Open Meetings Abuse(5/27/2022)

  6. Niagara Falls Protest(5/26/2022)

  7. Governor Candidate Forum(5/20/2022)

  8. Wilson Candidate Questionnaire(5/17/2022)

  9. Astorino Candidate Questionnaire(5/17/2022)

  10. Suozzi Candidate Questionnaire(5/17/2022)

  11. Don't Let Gov. Boards Keep You In The Dark(2/16/2021)

  12. School Boards Get Failing Grades(2/10/2021)

  13. Behind Closed Doors(2/10/2021)

  14. NY Coalition For Open Gov Meeting(10/8/2020)

  15. NY Coalition Wins Lawsuit Against Niagara County(9/16/2020)

  16. NY Coalition For Open Gov Pushes for Change(9/10/2020)

  17. State May Require All Meetings to be Livestreamed(8/18/2020)

  18. A Discouraging NY Open Gov Spot Check(7/30/2020)

  19. Local Governments Mute Public(5/13/2020)

  20. Local Governments Not Allowing Public Comments(5/12/2020)

  21. Keep Public Informed During Pandemic(4/13/2020)

  22. Lawsuit Filed Against Niagara County(2/18/2020)

  23. Paul Wolf Speaks at UB about Open Government(3/14/2019)

  24. WNY Colleges Receiving Failing Open Gov Grades(3/11/2019)

  25. WNY Colleges Receiving Failing Open Gov Grades(3/11/2019)

  26. NY Needs to Amend the Open Meetings Law(3/9/2019)

  27. FOIL Channel 4 News(11/1/2018)

  28. Executive Sessions Report(10/18/2018)

  29. Buffalo News: They Love Their Secrets in Lockport(6/24/2018)

  30. Buffalo News: Niagara County Legislature(6/21/2018)

  31. Buffalo News: Editorial - Demand Transparency from Local Government(6/10/2018)

  32. YouTube: BNCOG Financial Report Disclosure Announcement(6/9/2018)

  33. WBFO: New report raises transparency concerns in local governments(6/6/2018)

  34. Buffalo News: All local elected officials should disclose financial info, good government group says(6/5/2018)

  35. Niagara Gazette: Group calls for more transparency in government(6/5/2018)

  36. Niagara Gazette: Local Group Reports on Open Gov't(3/17/2018)

  37. Niagara Gazette: Buffalo Niagara Coalition for Open Government president discusses push for government transparency(3/17/2018)

  38. Cheek Bee: Town gets high marks from local watchdog group in new report(6/8/2017)

  39. Buffalo News: Editorial: Officials have a duty to preserve official records(5/19/2017)

  40. Buffalo News: Surprising revelations after Freedom of Information requests are denied(5/17/2017)

  41. WBFO: Many local governments get poor grades for transparency(3/14/2017)

  42. Buffalo News: How we can stop officals from hijacking government(6/22/2016)

  43. WBFO: Attorney seeks to shine light on local government(5/24/2016)





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